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Dolphin 2×2 PRO GYRO For Large Pools

Dolphin 2×2 PRO GYRO, Clearing the pool does not mean a waste of time and money anymore. Thanks to Dolphin pool cleaning robots, you do not have to lose cost every time to clean the pool while cleaning your pool quickly. Thanks to its superb cleaning power and ultra hygienic cleaning, dolphin robots are sweeping the pool sweeping the ground. These robots, which are capable of cleaning all pools from hotel, hostel, school, sports complex, site and villa pools to natural pools, are also suitable for all pools regardless of their shape. Its robust construction, strong front brushes and micro-porous filters cleans all impurities in the pools such as leaf, hairy, insect residues, bacteria and moss, creating a crystal clear pool.

Dolphin 2X2 PRO GYRO for Big and Difficult Pools

You may have doubts about how to clean large pools that are constantly used. It may take a long time to clean these pools and at the same time you may have to pay a separate fee each time. However, if the cleaning of the large pools that are used continuously is not done every day, the bacterial growth will increase over time and the human health will be jeopardized. For this reason, the Dolphin 2×2 PRO GYRO is perfectly suited for swimming pools that have to be constantly cleaned.

Why Dolphin 2×2 PRO GYRO

Two robots do the work alone. There are two powerful brushes on the front surface. Cleaning time can be set up for 4-6-8 hours. It can not be connected to the cable or other obstacles due to its programming. Wander the entire pool. Maintenance and repair is quite easy. All parts are warranted for 24 months. Thanks to the multi-layer filtration, it cleans all large and small dirt. Thanks to the cable length of 40 meters, it is easy to use in the cleaning of large pools from 25 meters to 33 meters.

Dolphin Robots should be preferred for cleaning and hygiene in the pools

Pool cleaning is a very sensitive issue. But if you do not have hygiene in the pools. Dolphin robots create hygienic pools as well as cleaning up the mess in the pools. It ensures that chlorine-like chemicals in the pool before and after cleaning are mixed evenly with the pool. In addition, powerful filters prevent bacteria formation.

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