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Dolphin How to Clean Pool Robots Pool

Dolphin 2×2 Automatic

The last point in the cleaning of the pool was thanks to dolphin pool robots. With Dolphin 2×2 automatic pool robots, you can operate the robot with the remote control, change the desired time setting and direct the robot. All the fine details that need to be kept in mind when cleaning the pool are that these robots are automatically programmed to clean up the pool without any hassle, creating a hygienic pool. It provides hygiene in the pools by cleansing the entire pool quickly and hygienically from the pool walls, to the edges, to the floor and to the water entrances. You can reduce the cost of using these robots in your pool.

Dolphin How to Clean Pool Robots Pool

Remote controlled dolphin pool robots can be adjusted and released slowly to the water. These robots that descend to the base provide you with a clear pool, no matter how large the pool width is, and cleanse the pool efficiently no matter how dirty the pool is. It collects the floor, the walls, the mosses there, and all kinds of hair, insects, leaves and other filths. It then creates a hygienic environment by providing chemical circulation in the pool. The most important feature of a 2×2 robot is to help the power of two pool robots to be collected in a single robot to make a faster and more efficient cleaning. It makes a unique cleaning with resistive brushes and accumulates the pliers in the reservoir.

2X2 Robots for Perfect Cleaning

With 2×2 two front brushes and a larger filter bag, it easily cleans pools 25-33 meters long. It can run for 4/6/8 hours. Cable length is 40 meters. There are brushes that are compatible with all pool surfaces. In addition, all parts are warranted for 24 months. Fully automatic and plug-in feature gives you effortless pool cleaning.

High Capacity

The 2×2 dolphin pool robots have high capacity to collect dust and dirt. These robots provide effective cleaning while at the same time cleans bacteria and bacteria in pools with powerful engine. It ensures efficient cleaning of the entire pool area from the floor to the walls. Thanks to the pool robots you can get rid of the costs to clean the pools. For powerful and efficient cleaning, you can supply dolphin pool robots on site.

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