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Pool Care and Cleaning Robot

Pool cleaning is a very important point for commercial pool operators. While rigor and hygiene are done with pool chemicals, Dolphin 2×2 Pro Gyro cleaning robot for large diameter cleaning can be provided as hygiene of pools up to 33 meters long. Thanks to this cleaning robot, the working capacity of two motors can be gathered in one robot and professional cleaning can be provided literally. Swimming pool cleaning is not as easy as you might think. However, this engine powered robots, one of the latest inventions of the age, are powerful absorbing power machines that provide hygiene without human power.

Perfect Pool Cleaning

The flattener system is an impeller or gear system that can rotate around its axis as it is known. With this system, it is possible to completely clean the whole area of ​​the pool with the pool cleaning systems. CleverClean also has a cleaning and scanning system, which has the task of sweeping the pool and collecting dirt that accumulates in the corners.

Dolphin Pro 2X2 Robot Features

The cycle time of this robot is 4, 6 or 8 hours. The cable length is 40 meters, the remote control system and the engine working capacity is 27 VDC and this machine is guaranteed for 24 months from the time of delivery by our company. In addition, with this pool cleaning robot, which has a vacuum power of 32 m3 / s, you can guess that pool cleaning is done in a very hygienic way.

Pool Filtration

This pool cleaning robot, which we list features, has the feature of purifying the water from the core, hair, sand, dust and insect species with both forward and high capacity multi layer filter option. Moreover, this robot, which is not based on human working power, has a very comfortable handling. The plug-in option provides ease of maintenance and use. At the same time, active brushing and water line cleaning and water filters are disinfected by reverse rinsing method. There is also a filter indicator on the power indicator of the robot. If you would like to clean your commercial pools with diligent care, you can purchase them at with reasonable price options.

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