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How Pool Robots Work

How the pool robots work. When the summer season comes, pools are at the top of the most used areas. If you do not like the pool and the pool parks where you go for a holiday, you do not want to go to that resort again. Because it is possible to understand whether the pool is clean or not. Swimming pool cleaning is very difficult and not easy to do. Also, for a deep cleaning, the pool must be constantly drained and refilled as a human hand cleaning will not be hygienic. But thanks to dolphin pool cleaning robots you can be quite hygienic and at the same time easy cleaning.

These robots, which are very easy to operate, clean all kinds of pools effortlessly with different models depending on the pool and pool area to be used. For example, Dolphin Wave 50 scrubs pool walls, ridges, rubbing all the dirt with its powerful front brushes. Dolphin is just enough to put the pool robots into a pool with a filter. These robots brush all the walls of the pool, the floor and the water inlet. It also accumulates moss, dirt and bacteria by taking advantage of its superior vacuum characteristics.

Features of Dolphin Pool Robots (Dolphin Wave 50)

It thoroughly cleans the pool walls, protrusions and pond floor with powerful vacuum and brush.
It ensures that the chemicals used to clean the pool are evenly distributed.
It cleans with low energy usage.
Escape from obstacles in the pool.
It is suitable for pools in the form of a beach entrance.
All parts are warranted for 36 months.
Cycle time is 4 hours
It has a cable length of 24 meters.
High performance exhibits with 50 micron porous filter bag
Motor unit voltage: 24 VDC
Power unit digital switch mode 100-250V IPS54 output lower than 30 VDC
How to Clean Dolphin Pool Robots

Once you have cleaned your Dolphin Wave 50 pool as clean as 4 hours, you can take it out of the pool. Easily remove the front and rear filters and clean the debris that accumulates inside with water. Then plug the filters back into robots and prepare your next clean robot. You can have clean pools by supplying Dolphin robots from our site. Our pool staff will help you with our expert staff.


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