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Latest Technology in Pool Robots

Latest Technology in Pool Robots

With powerful brushes and powerful vacuum feature, dolphin pool robots cleans all the bacteria and dirt in the pool in a short time and you can provide the freshness of the first day in your pool. To clean your pool effortlessly and inexpensively, you should opt for these robots using the latest technology. Dolphin pool robots can provide hygiene from the largest pools to the smallest pools in a short period of time with effective cleaning. You can order from our site and you can have these robots.

Dolphin Wave 100

Clearing the pool is quite laborious and costly. You may even need to drain the pool to clean the bottom corner of the pool for long hours. However, dolphin pool robots can be used to stop pool cleaning. Because dolphin pool robots will save you time and money by cleansing hotel, site, home and playground pools as well as natural pools quickly and hygienically. By using Dolphin pool robots, you can get rid of moss, bacteria and any unwanted dirt that accumulates in your pool.

Dolphin Wave 100 For Hotel And Large Pools

Cleaning large pools such as hotel and site pools is quite costly. These pools need to be kept in hygiene besides cleansing. It is very important that the pool is clean and hygienic in the hotels where hundreds of guests come every year. Do not worry if you are having trouble with how to clean large pools like hotel pools. Dolphin wave 100 was produced exactly for this job. Just run the Dolphin Wave 100 robot and leave it to the pool. It cleans the pool walls, floor, water filters with excellent performance.

Outstanding Features of Dolphin Wave 100

Powerful brushes, powerful vacuum features, dirt detection capabilities and the most successful robots in the field of dolphin pool robots. It collects hair, bugs, leaf residues, dust, and all kinds of filth, and cleans the pool. Climbers climb the pool walls to clean the pools and filth. The cycle time is 4/6/8 hours. There is a cable of 30 meters in length. There is a swivel in many layers and small sizes. Weight 12 kg. Easy maintenance and repair. All parts are under warranty for 36 months.

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