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Proven Success in Pool Cleaning

Proven Success in Pool Cleaning

Dolphin pool robots have proven success in pool cleaning. The long warranty period also shows that these robots have been used for a long time in pool cleaning. Once you have bought it, you can order dolphin pool robots from our site if you want to clean the pool cleanly without cost. It is not a dream to reach the sparkling and hygenic pools. And to do it without cost.

Dolphin M 400

You can get a clean pool with Dolphin M 400 swimming pool robots, which cleans the pool walls, edges, hidden places, floors and surface in a superior way. Thanks to the automatic operation feature, the pool is cleaned without getting tired by leaving the robot in the pool. The pool is as clean and fresh as the first day you fill it. It is also very easy to install and clean. It is enough to remove the strong filters and take out the dirt that they accumulate and wash the filter with water. Your robot is ready for your next cleanup with these simple steps.

Features of Dolphin M 400

Thanks to the scanning feature, the entire pool does not leave untouched areas. By rubbing the base of the pool, the walls and the water inlet, the brush is dismantled by moss and bacteria thanks to its powerful vacuum feature. Thanks to extra brushes, it cleans twice as much. Thanks to its patented filter compartments, it provides easy cleaning and maintenance from the top. Thanks to its high maneuverability, it is suitable for all types of pools and has the ability to avoid every obstacle. It works with low energy. It automatically turns off at the end of the cleaning period. With smartphone control, you can manage your robot with your phone.

Minimal Cost Working Feature in Pool Robots

Using the low voltage during operation, the automatic shutdown after cleaning, the Dolphin M 400 works at a really low cost. It also offers the best service in pool cleaning. Suitable for pools up to 12 meters. Working time is 2.5 hours. Since the filter is from the top, you can easily clean the robot after cleaning. In addition, the parts are guaranteed for 3 years.

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